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Hello, and welcome to Touch! We think it’s a great time to be a designer. With so many new ways to collaborate, create and showcase products, we thought we’d jump in and have some fun ourselves. We are proud to offer factory direct production services to designers and brands looking to extend their product offerings into headwear and cold weather accessories.

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With over 20 years of experience and keys to wholly owned manufacturing facilities throughout Asia, we're able to leverage the knowledge and resources that comes from decades of working with the worlds most successful fashion accessories retailers into a distilled program made beneficial to you through the Touch Mfg.® program.

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We've come to realize over time that some shapes have defined certain eras. To that end, we've compiled a catalog of what we're calling the "people's choice" of silhouettes. Not all shapes were created equal and we're just as fanatical about fit as we are about shape which is why each style has been meticulously fitted to our standard of perfection. We hope you approve!

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